RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable
  • RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable

RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable


Physical Construction and Dimensions

No. Item Material Notes
Coaxial Cable
Center Conductor Copper Clad Steel or Solid Copper 0.81mm±1%
Dielectric Gas Injected Foam PE 3.66mm Nominal
1st Shield Aluminum Laminated Tape 3.86±0.13mm,18%-35% Overlap
2nd Shield Aluminum Braid Wire 90%~95% Coverage
Jacket PVC 6.10±0.2mm
Power Cable
Center Conductor Copper Clad Aluminum or Bare Copper 7x0.37mm
Dielectric Red & Black PE 2.00±0.05mm
Jacket PVC 5.00±0.2mm

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

Center Conductor Minimum Break Strength 41.3kgf/21.5kgf
Center Conductor Bond to Dielectric ≥ 2.3kg
Operating Temperature< -40°C~80°C

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum DC Resistance of Center Conductor@20°C 49.20/10.20 Ω/kft
Maximum DC Loop Resistance@20°C 60.88/21.88 Ω/kft
Minimum Velocity of Propagation 82%
Capacitance 54±3 pF/m
Impedance 75±3 Ω
Structural Return Loss  
5-1000MHz ≥ 20 dB
1000-3000MHz ≥ 15 dB
Screening Attenuation  
30-1000MHz ≥ 85 dB
1000-2000MHz ≥ 75 dB
2000-3000MHz ≥ 65 dB

Attenuation @ 20°C

Frequency(MHz) Max Value(dB/100m)
5 2.82
55 6.73
211 12.47
250 13.45
270 13.85
300 14.60
330 15.29
350 15.75
400 16.73
450 17.72
500 18.70
550 19.52
600 20.34
750 22.87
870 24.85
1000 26.64
1300 30.60
1450 32.80
1750 35.80
2150 39.70
2600 42.81
2832 44.48
3000 46.90

Certificates & Honor

Our products have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification

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Company Profile

Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd.

As RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable Manufacturers, Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with total 66,600㎡ manufacturing area, located in Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and Shanghai Seaport, near Hangzhou International Airport.

CommSpace Cable is a world-class manufacturer specializes in high performance and high quality coaxial cable, data cable, speaker cable, alarm cable, telephone cable, etc. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and JIS certified enterprise. We have 12 high pressure gas injected physical foaming production lines, 330 high speed braiding machines and 12 thermoplastic jacket extrusion production lines. The annual production capacity exceeds 350,000 kms.

CommSpace Cable focuses on compliance and applying technical innovation and continuous improvement to the products that meet various international standards. As Custom RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable Factory, our RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification and have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the fields of Satellite TV (DISH TV/DTH), DTV, CCTV, CATV, MATV, IPTV, SMATV, LTE, broadband network and wireless network.

Focus on Quality and Keep Innovating

CommSpace has a strong technical force and R&D team composed of more than 20 professional technicians. Benefiting from the comprehensive mastery of cable production technology, we have the ability to consider more for our customers and better balance the relationship between product value and procurement cost. CommSpace Cable is committed to optimizing the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of products, pay special attention to providing environmental protection products, to improve the safety, reliability and stability of products.

CommSpace has implemented a very strict Quality Management System. As World-class China custom RG59 With Power CCTV Camera Coaxial Cable Manufacturers, From the purchasing of raw materials to production, inspection, packing and shipment, all stages are strictly controlled in order to fully guarantee the quality, strive to make every effort to be perfect.

CommSpace has advanced laboratory and testing equipment, a strong and rigorous Quality Assurance Department, a complete set of ERP and barcode traceability system, which are conductive to ensuring quality and enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

CommSpace Cable is committed to providing customers with reliable and comprehensive communication cable solutions through our professional technical team, flexible design practice, precise manufacturing, strict quality control, rich logistics experience, continuous on-site support and superior service.

Always Provide Much Better Products for Customer

We always provide good quality products, competitive prices and good service to meet customer's requirements.