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The trunk cable refers to the cable directly connected to the power supply. The distribution cable is a cable that is electrically connected to the distribution box. Their role is to connect the bridge from the telecommunications room to the various user clients. Trunk and distribution cable is used for long runs, and would split off to normal RG6 or RG11 cable so it could get where it needs to get. It can carry hundreds of channels of cable TV, or thousands of phone calls, or enough internet capacity for a medium sized office building. CATV trunk and distribution cables are used in broadband communication networks for signal transmission between head-end station and house connection. These cables meet the increasing demands of modern broadband networks, are developed to provide low RF attenuation and to integrate easily with existing plant cable. In a cable TV system, the trunk line cable that leads from the headend to a distribution point. Or the cable running between a central office and a distribution point. A distribution cable then leads to the individual subscribers.
  • 66,600 m²
    Factory covered
  • 2001
    Founded in
  • 200+
    Skillful employees
  • 35,000 Kms
    Annual production capacity

Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with total 66,600㎡ manufacturing area, located in Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and Shanghai Seaport, near Hangzhou International Airport.

CommSpace Cable is a world-class manufacturer specializes in high performance and high quality coaxial cable, data cable, speaker cable, alarm cable, telephone cable, etc. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and JIS certified enterprise. As China Trunk and Distribution Cable Manufacturers and Wholesale 500 540 Trunk Coaxial Cable Suppliers, We have 12 high pressure gas injected physical foaming production lines, 330 high speed braiding machines and 12 thermoplastic jacket extrusion production lines. The annual production capacity exceeds 350,000 kms.

CommSpace Cable focuses on compliance and applying technical innovation and continuous improvement to the products that meet various international standards. As Trunk and Distribution Cable Factory, our products have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification and have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the fields of Satellite TV (DISH TV/DTH), DTV, CCTV, CATV, MATV, IPTV, SMATV, LTE, broadband network and wireless network.

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We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and JIS certified enterprise.

Laboratory with advanced testing equipment

Compliance and applying technical innovation

Professional technology R&D team

Rich experience in famous brand cooperation

Comprehensive communication cable solutions

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Our products have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1. The Significance of 500 540 Trunk Coaxial Cables in Telecommunications Infrastructure
In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, reliable and high-performance infrastructure is essential. 500 540 trunk coaxial cables play a critical role in supporting the transmission of high-speed data, voice, and video signals over long distances. 500 540 Trunk Coaxial Cable Manufacturers design these cables specially for backbone and trunk line, providing the necessary bandwidth and signal integrity for seamless connectivity. 

2. Key Features and Benefits of 500 540 Trunk Coaxial Cables
High Bandwidth Capacity: 500 and 540 trunk coaxial cables are engineered to handle high bandwidths, making them suitable for the transmission of large volumes of data. They can support the increasing demands of telecommunications networks, including streaming services, cloud applications, and real-time communication.
Low Signal Loss and Interference: These coaxial cables are designed to minimize signal loss and interference, ensuring optimal signal quality over long distances. Their construction and shielding provide excellent protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), resulting in reliable and stable signal transmission.
Long-Distance Connectivity: 500 and 540 trunk coaxial cables are capable of transmitting signals over significant distances without significant degradation. This makes them ideal for connecting central offices, switching centers, and other key nodes in telecommunications networks, enabling efficient data transfer across expansive geographical areas.

3. Implementing 500  540 Trunk Coaxial Cables 
Network Requirements: Assess the specific requirements of the telecommunications network, including bandwidth needs, transmission distances, and future scalability. This evaluation will help determine the appropriate cable specifications and ensure compatibility with existing network infrastructure.
Standards Compliance: Ensure that the 500 and 540 trunk coaxial cables comply with relevant industry standards, such as ANSI/TIA-568 and ISO/IEC 11801. Adhering to these standards guarantees the cables' performance, reliability, and compatibility with other network components.
Installation and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installation and maintenance of the coaxial cables. Look for features like flexible designs, standardized connectors, and comprehensive documentation that facilitate smooth deployment and ongoing management.