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50 Ohm Coaxial Cables tend to be better for signal transmission and high power handling applications. These could be commercial boosters, broadcasting TV transmitters, and ham radios.50 Ohm Coax Cables carry power and voltage signals and offer excellent performance across longer distances. They are designed to make certain that data signals travel through the cable in the most efficient way possible, they can maintain signal strength while also ensuring reliable integrity and exceptional quality. CommSpace’s 50 Ohm RF coaxial cables are flexible and suitable for outdoor, riser-rated and water-blocked applications. They are designed to handle a wide range of performance criteria including attenuation, temperature, voltage, and RF power.CommSpace’s 50 Ohm RF coaxial cables are available in 4D-FB, 5D-FB, 7D-FB, 8D-FB, 10D-FB, 12D-FB, RG174, RG58, RG213, LMR200, LMR400 and so on.
  • 66,600 m²
    Factory covered
  • 2001
    Founded in
  • 200+
    Skillful employees
  • 35,000 Kms
    Annual production capacity

Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang CommSpace Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with total 66,600㎡ manufacturing area, located in Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and Shanghai Seaport, near Hangzhou International Airport.

CommSpace Cable is a world-class manufacturer specializes in high performance and high quality coaxial cable, data cable, speaker cable, alarm cable, telephone cable, etc. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and JIS certified enterprise. As China 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Manufacturers and Wholesale 50 Ohm Low Loss RF Coaxial Cable Suppliers, We have 12 high pressure gas injected physical foaming production lines, 330 high speed braiding machines and 12 thermoplastic jacket extrusion production lines. The annual production capacity exceeds 350,000 kms.

CommSpace Cable focuses on compliance and applying technical innovation and continuous improvement to the products that meet various international standards. As 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Factory, our products have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification and have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the fields of Satellite TV (DISH TV/DTH), DTV, CCTV, CATV, MATV, IPTV, SMATV, LTE, broadband network and wireless network.

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We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and JIS certified enterprise.

Laboratory with advanced testing equipment

Compliance and applying technical innovation

Professional technology R&D team

Rich experience in famous brand cooperation

Comprehensive communication cable solutions

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Our products have UL, ETL, JIS, CE, CPR, RoHS and REACH certification

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

RF coaxial cable is widely used in the telecommunications industry to transmit and receive radio frequency signals. A 50 Ohm low loss coaxial cable, in particular, is known for its ability to maintain signal integrity over long distances while minimizing signal loss. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require high-quality transmission over a greater distance.
These cables are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace, military, and medical industries, as well as for broadcasting and high-speed data transmission. The design of a low loss coaxial cable involves creating a continuous and uniform signal pathway, which helps to minimize signal attenuation, interference, and other types of signal degradation.

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing a 50 Ohm Low Loss RF Coaxial Cable Manufacturer
Selecting the right manufacturer for your 50 Ohm low loss RF coaxial cable is essential to ensure you receive reliable, high-performance cables designed to meet your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer:
1) Quality: Look for manufacturers that have a proven track record of producing high-quality coaxial cables and provide in-depth quality control procedures.
2) Experience: Choose a manufacturer that has extensive experience in producing coaxial cables for a range of applications.
3. Customization: It’s important to select a manufacturer that can customize the cables to meet your specific requirements.
4) Price: The price of 50 Ohm low loss coaxial cables can vary widely depending on the quality and features offered by the manufacturer. Consider your budget but don't sacrifice quality for cost.